What to upgrade and what not to first, at TH7

Hey guys Utkarsh Rastogi here. Today i a going to answer the question that bothered me the most when i upgraded my Town hall form level 6 to level 7 “What to upgrade and what not to first, at TH 7”.This question bothered me the most when i started the upgrade on my town hall level to 7. My base was a nearly maxed  out town hall 6 and all my storages were full.I had three builders at that time.I am going to break down the building into three categories :

  1. Most important(Contains tasks to complete first when town hall upgrade completes)
  2. Can wait for a time being(Should be done after “Most important” tasks are completed)
  3. Least important(Should be done after”Can wait for a time being” tasks are completed)

Most important:

  • Placing the new buildings received after town hall upgrade completes and upgrading them to the level they were when you were a town hall 6.(Do this before doing anything else )Example:Army camp, barracks, walls and defenses.
  • Upgrading one of the barracks to level nine so that u can unlock dragon.
  • Upgrade spell factory so that you can unlock rage spell.
  • Place the dark elixir drill.
  • place the dark elixir storage.(Some people would recommend doing it before placing the drill but it really doesn’t matter if u place the drill before also.)

Can wait for a time being:

  • Upgrade the defenses to their new max levels.
  • Upgrade the laboratory so that you can upgrade your troops which makes your army stronger.(Many tutorials prioritize on upgrading the lab first but if u do it before the other things such as dragons and rage spells then it will take u a month to upgrade all the troops and after that it will take a lot more time to get rage spell, dragons and dark elixir things.)
  • Continuously upgrade the walls. the walls take forever to upgrade but still try to upgrade 2-3 walls everyday so that your walls will max out around the same time as the rest of the base.

Least important:

  • Upgrade the rest of the buildings such as the mines and the collectors and the storages.
  •  Farm dark elixir for barbarian king.(PS-I will do a separate tutorial on farming dark elixir.)

That is all for now. And good luck on reaching town hall level 7 fast.

PS-You really dont need to follow the tutorial as it is because the situation is different for everyone when they upgrade the town hall.


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  1. Vidhu Vikas Singh says:

    Why only about th 7? Try some other things too like before th7 and basics of COC


    1. Thank you for devoting your precious time to reading this post Vidhu.A point well made. I am looking forward to making tutorials on other town halls and basics also. Thank you.


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