Farming dark elixir at TH 7 for barbarian king

Hey guys i am back with yet another tutorial on Clash of Clans.This time i will be sharing some tips on how to farm dark elixir fast for buying Barbarian king which costs 10,000 dark elixir.The dark elixir drill can be super slow at giving you the required dark elixir so you have to raid as it is the only option which can help you buy the barbarian king in less than a day.Clan wars can also be an option as you can get ore than 1,000 dark elixir if you attack cleverly.

Raiding in multiplayer:

The  most important factor involving the dark elixir loot you get during multiplayer battles is your league.If your league is super high then you will loose more than you get and if it is super low then you spend more than you get so you have to maintain a balance in your league.

Silver league III-

Normally TH 5 and 6 players make up for the largest population in this league so only 1 out of 10 players will be a TH 7 or above and therefore the chances of getting 500 or more dark elixir will also be less.

Silver league II-

This is league where you start finding TH 7 player a lot and therefore more chances to find 500 or more dark elixir but it is still significantly less. Only 1 in 20 player will have that much.

Silver league I-

This is the league which is most appropriate for getting dark elixir as TH 7 TH 8 and TH 9 players constitute of a major part of its population. you will find 1 out of 5 players with more than 500 dark elixir of available loot.

Gold league III-

This league will also offer a lot of dark elixir but there will be senior player who will raid you and take away all the dark elixir you store.So if you think your defense is good enough then only push your luck to this league.

I would suggest that you stay in silver league I as you would be raided less and you will find more loot.

Army composition-

Your  army composition will determine that you get broke while finding dark elixir or gain more gold and elixir along with dark elixir.

The best army composition can be-

  1. 15 giants(75 spaces)
  2. 25 archers(25 spaces)
  3. 10 wall breakers (20 spaces)
  4. 20 wizards (80 spaces)
  5. 2 heal spells
  6. 1 rage spell
  7. wizards in clan castle as a backup

You can change the number of wizards depending on what is your army camp space.

Never try and attack bases which offer less elixir the you used in training the army.Send one giant first to check for traps and send wall breakers from behind in pairs of two (This makes their chance of survival more.)

Send all giants and archers and wizards to back them up while the giants take the hits and archers and wizard clean up the loot.Use the rage spell on the giants to speed up the process of defense clean up and keep the alive with the heal spell.

Hopefully you will get loads and loads of loot.

Clan wars:

Clan  wars can offer a significant amount of dark elixir as your war win bonus if you attack people above your mirror.The bonus can range from 500 to 1,000 if you go for your mirror and 1,000 or more if you cleverly sneak away a star from senior.

This is all for today. Thank you for reading and comment your suggestions below.



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