Concept of maxing out and its importance in Clash of Clans

Hey guys its me, Utkarsh Rastogi again and this time i am here to teach you all about the concept of maxing out bases in Clash of Clans before upgrading the Town hall.

So you are new to Clash of Clans and wondering why are the senior players calling you a rushed player and advising you to max out your base and you cant understand a bit of what they are saying, dont worry you have come to the right place and i am here to teach you everything you need to know about “maxing out” and “rush”.

Maxing out:

“Maxing out” is the process of upgrading everything else before you start the upgrade on the town hall to its max level (Max level is the level of a building or any other thing after reaching which you cannot upgrade it further without upgrading the town hall. )  .


So maxing out is clear now and we can move on to “rush”. Rush is the process of upgrading the town hall without maxing out your base.

Determining whether your base is max or rush:

So you know about “max” and “rush” but still cannot figure out whether your base is max or rush? Dont worry it is very easy. If you want to check whether your buildings and other things are maxed out or not then click on the building and click on the upgrade option.if the building is maxed out for the particular town hall level then there will be a red area around the cost and it will say “You need to  upgrade your town hall to upgrade it”.If you see the message then your building is max but if there is no such thing then the building is not max and it can be upgraded further.

Another way of checking the max level of a building is by going to the Clash of Clans wiki and checking there.

Thank you for devoting your precious time and reading this tutorial.Hopefully we will meet again tomorrow.Please follow me if you like the article and want to read further articles like this one.Kindly comment your queries and questions below and i would try y best to reply to them.

Importance of maxing out:

Now that you know about maxing and rush so lets move on to its importance.Maxing out is very important as a rush base is a very easy target for raiding and war attack. Upgrading town hall increases your experience level and your are likely to get a tougher opponent in multiplayer battle and also in war.


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