Question and Answer session for you on Clash of Clans

Hey guys i am back and sorry i did not write any blog for the last week because i was busy with some school projects which i havent touched till now and decided to start because summer vacation is about to end.

So this time this blog is not about any particular topic but it is a question answer thread. If you have any question about clash of clans then feel free to comment it below and i assure you that i will reply with the answer.And if you like my response then please leave a like and follow me.So start questioning and leave the brainstorming to me.Happy clashing



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  1. Flaming_Tiger says:

    Elixir Very Low 
    Give an effective strategy
    Low of cost and effective
    For TH 5
    Needed plzzz give fast!!!!!
    plz answer on blog
    no email


    1. Hello Flaming_Tiger and i am sorry for replying late. There are not a lot of troop options available at town hall five and spells are confined only to lightning spell so there are not many army compositions available.try taking 16 giants, 5 wizards, 20 archers and 1 lightning spell (optional).Good luck


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